Virtual Training

We are currently utilizing Google Classroom to bring training to our players!

What is virtual training?
Virtual training is training that is being provided via technology.

How are you providing virtual training?

We will be utilizing Google Classroom as a one-stop shop for our players’ training needs. Our google classroom is a place for our current players to receive skills training, workout information, nutrition, mental health, and other supports to become better athletes.

Who runs it?

Our google classroom is run by our current coaches who have knowledge in a multitude of areas.

How do I get my player signed up?

Be sure to register for our current session (spring, summer, winter) and email us for the code to join.

I am registered, but the code is not working?

Make sure that you or your child is attempting to join the class using a PERSONAL gmail account, not their school account. If you click the link from the personal email, but are still seeing their school classroom or getting an error code, please make sure that you select the correct account in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

*if you have any other questions or concerns, please contact!