What age groups make up the divisions?

2019-2020 Season:
U19: 16 or older as of 1/1/20 (must be in high school)
U16: 14-15 years old as of 1/1/20
U14: 12-13 years old as of 1/1/20
U12: 10-11 years old as of 1/1/20
U10: 9 years old and younger as of 1/1/20

When are the team tryouts?
Information on spring/summer training will be available in February and training runs from March-June. Tryouts for the Disney Junior Field Hockey Showcase will be held in April. Information on the winter training program will be posted in the early fall and training runs from November – February. Tryouts for the National Hockey Festival are held in April and May Tryouts for the Winter Showcase will held in June and July.

When are practices?

  • Festival Team(s) practice on Sundays from Sep-Nov
  • Naples & President’s Day Team(s) practice on Sundays from Nov-Jan/Feb
  • Disney Junior Team(s) practice schedule – Sundays from May-July
  • Indoor/Winter Team(s) practice schedule varies based on current age group
  • Outdoor/Spring Team(s) practice on Sundays from April-July

Where are practices?

  • Indoor/Winter teams practice at Total Turf in Pitman, NJ
  • Outdoor/Spring and Festival teams practice at Total Turf in Pitman, NJ or Gloucester Twp Community Park
  • Winter Showcase Teams – Total Turf in Pitman, NJ or Gloucester Twp Community Park

What day of the week are tournaments?
Most tournaments are played on Saturdays. There will be a few played on Sundays or holidays. All final tournament schedules will be emailed the week of the tournament (we do not receive this info until typically mid-week; you will know your tournament dates further in advance).

What qualities are you looking for in a player?
Players who demonstrate a positive attitude, teamwork, the ability to think well in all playing situations the ability to play different positions, excellent stick work and natural athletic abilities.

How long is the tournament season?
The indoor season runs from November – March. The outdoor season runs from April – July. These seasons have separate tryouts and separate fees.

Do you need to be a member of USA Field Hockey?
Yes, all members of South Jersey Edge must have a USA Field Hockey membership to participate in tournaments. If you need a membership or a copy of your card, go to the USA Field Hockey website.

Do you need to participate in Futures?
No, players can receive extra training through the USFHA Futures program, but it is not required.

Is there any additional training I should do?
Be sure to run at least 3 days a week to remain in playing condition. Working with a trainer can help improve speed, quickness and footwork.

What major tournaments does South Jersey Edge attend?
The USFHA National Hockey Festival, The USFHA National Indoor Qualifier, upon qualification, the National Indoor Tournament, The Winter Escape Showcase, The President’s Day Showcase, Disney Showcase, Bash at the Beach, and, upon qualification, The National Club Championship.

When are these tournaments held?
The National Field Hockey Festival is held in November over Thanksgiving weekend. The National Indoor Qualifier is held in December and/or January and the National Indoor Tournament is held in February/March. The Winter Escape Showcase and Disney Showcase is held in January. The President’s Day Showcase is held in February. Bash at the Beach is held in July. The National Club Championships are held in July.

What local tournaments does South Jersey Edge attend?
The local tournament schedule will be emailed to the team. This is periodically updated so check your email occasionally for updates.

What fees can I expect to pay during my participation?
There are fees for the local and national tournaments, facility rentals, uniforms, travel fees, coaching fees and club fees. More information about fees can be found in our program guide.

Do you participate in fundraising to help offset any expenses?
Yes, we do participate in fundraisers. We have one or two mandatory team fundraisers that assist in keeping the team and club fees as low as possible. There is a buyout option available for these fundraisers. There is also individual fundraising opportunities that can by used for tournament entry fees, uniform fees and any other individual fees.

Are there any individual showcase or college recruiting events that South Jersey Edge participates in?
All individual showcase and recruiting events will be communicated to the team via email when they are made available by the event director.

How should I contact the colleges I am interested in attending?
Most colleges have recruiting questionnaires on their websites. If this is not available email the coach a copy of your playing resume. South Jersey Edge coaches will work with you to create a resume you can provide to all college coaches.

Are private lessons or training offered by South Jersey Edge?
Private lessons can be arranged by coaches affiliated with South Jersey Edge. If interested please send an email with what you would like to gain by participating in private training so you can be placed with the correct coach.

If your question has not been answered, please contact us through our contact form or email southjerseyedge@comcast.net.