Spring/Summer 2019 Dates

Team schedules for Spring/Summer 2019 are listed below in age group order. Click on an individual team to get their full practice and tournament schedule, as well as a live Gmail calendar that you can subscribe to. Please note that practice times may be changed or teams may be asked to attend an additional practice. When that happens, the team will be notified and their calendar will be updated.


Other dates to be aware of:

U12 and U14 Virginia Bash at the Beach: 7/19-7/21

U14 Regional Club Championships: 6/8-6/9; Princeton, NJ
U14 National Club Championships: 7/8-7/10

U16 Regional Club Championships: 5/25-5/26; Princeton, NJ
U16 National Club Championships: 7/11-7/13

U19 Regional Club Championships: 6/15-6/16; Princeton, NJ
U19 National Club Championships: 7/14-7/16

U14/U16/U19 AGH Play Dates: 5/18, Greenwich, CT

U16 Shooting Stars (currently wait listed): 4/20-4/21